Prioritizing Values – select three to five values that you prize highly and thre

Prioritizing Values – select three to five values that you prize highly and three to five that are of least importance to them. In small groups have students compare their most and least prized values. Discuss what led them to cherish their top three values and to attach less importance to the bottom three. What people and experiences led to or reinforced their values? What influences resulted in the selection of their least prized values?
happiness creativity
initiative respect for others
self-respect understanding
common sense honesty
humility flexibility
responsibility education
scholarly ability family
wisdom independence
perseverance health
respect for authority tolerance
satisfying religious life kindness
physical competence hard work
autonomy sense of humor
openness love of humanity
ability to change playfulness
Professional Titles – In your small group on the discussion board, please list as many different aspects of an early childhood educator’s job you can name and then these functions with the professional titles that apply. For example:
Creating an environment that is free from harm-All of us
Providing minor first aid – nurse
Taking care of classroom pets – zookeeper
Preparing snacks – chef
Creating a Developmentally Appropriate Physical Environment-Interior Design & Architecture

If… Then – create a list of 10 values that you hold for society, children, an

If… Then – create a list of 10 values that you hold for society, children, and the world. For each value have them make several statements:
if a teacher values ______________________ then she would__________
if a teacher values ______________________ then he would not _______
For example:
if a teacher values “creativity” then he would provide blocks and art materials and let children use them in their own way.
if a teacher values “creativity” then she would encourage children to
solve problems together.
Activity 4 Read and Open Respond
Four Children –
These descriptions are of four children of varying physical appearance, family circumstances, and behavioral characteristics. Please read and then respond to the questions at the bottom of the page.
Mike is a young 2 year old with five older siblings. His mother is a single parent. He comes to school dressed in threadbare clothes. He is small for his age and has not yet started to talk at school. When he arrives in the morning he lies down in the book area and sucks his thumb and quite often falls asleep as the other children arrive.
Mike rarely uses toys but instead clutches his blanket and watches the other children. If any adult (even a visitor) sits near him Mike will sit down in the adult’s lap. He eats voraciously and will empty the serving bowls at the lunch table before others eat if a teacher is not present.
Tiare is a 3-year-old girl. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her father. She is an extremely verbal child who speaks in an adult-like way. She appears to be beginning to read. Tiare is very affectionate with teachers and also with other children.
She has special hiding places where she goes and pretends to be an animal or princess. Sometimes she will only meow for an hour at a time if she is being a cat. Tiare delights in swinging on the tire swing.
Leroy is a 5 year old. He is very large for his age and is often mistaken for a 7 year old. His mother is also very large and can be quite brusque. She is a single parent who is fiercely proud of her son.
Despite his intimidating size Leroy is a gentle and affectionate boy who is easily led by the other children and whose feelings are easily hurt. Leroy has only recently started to show much interest in books and “school” things like sitting at circle and group discussions.
Kristin is 4 years old. In her traditional family dad works and mom stays home. Kristin’s parents send her to school in the mornings. She is petite with longhair, always clean and dressed in coordinated outfits with matching barrettes. Sometimes she comes to school wearing her mother’s makeup. She follows and talks to a teacher and only interacts with one other child, Wendy.
They never fight or argue but Wendy often tells Kristin what to do, and Kristin always does what Wendy says. Her favorite activity is to sit in the writing center and draw rainbows, stars, and flowers and her pictures always look the same.
Discuss what feelings these stories brought to you.
How would you respond to these children?
Please discuss if your feelings or thoughts revealed any personal biases and what it might imply in terms of professional ethics.
Enjoy the Day.
Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or appreciations.
With Respect to the Child,

This assignment asks you to visit an early childhood program.

This assignment asks you to visit an early childhood program. This will allow you to see some principles and practices of a program/s and their implementation strategies at work. It will also require you to be specific about your particular interests in Early Childhood Education (Before and After School Programs are an option). Additionally, this assignment will allow you to reflect on some of the rewards and challenges of working with children. You may choose to complete this assignment virtually. You may also choose to evaluate a program you currently work for or have worked for in the past.
Step 1 Decide on a Program by viewing the videos below or if you already know the elements of the program, move to the evaluation portion.
Video Links
I am including the Head Start Program video for you. It is important to note that the High Scope Curriculum/Pedagogy Model was adopted by Head Start, Perry Preschool & other Social Reform programs designed to ameliorate the negative restraints of poverty. Head Start
50 Years of Opportunity: Head Start’s History
(Links to an external site.)
History and Philosophy of the Reggio Emilia Approach
(Links to an external site.)
Waldorf 100 – The Film (English)
(Links to an external site.)
Montessori for Infants and Toddlers
What are The Five “Big Ideas” of the Montessori Method?
(Links to an external site.)
Montessori = creativity unleashed | Judi Bauerlein | TEDxLivermore
(Links to an external site.)
High Scope
Getting to Know HighScope’s Preschool Curriculum
(Links to an external site.)
Comparison study: Very interesting
HighScope Preschool Curriculum Comparison Study
(Links to an external site.)
Step 2
Create 3-5 Questions to Investigate from these key elements
Program Structure &
Staff Qualifications
Director Responsibilities
& Parent Practices
Step 3
Go Back and Watch the same video, and answer your questions or investigate more about the program on line or using your book to answer your 3-5 questions.
Step 4
Complete your report using the Written Report Format
Student Name:
Program Information (What ever information you can find out about the program, list it)
List the following information. Please type out what you see below (10 pts.):
Date, time, and length of observation:
Name of the program:
city, state
IP address and Web site and E-Mail address
Program Funding:
Age Group:
Educational Approach:
Program Visit Results
A) For each of the five questions that you decided on Please write at least 1 paragraph for each question that answers your questions, i.e. based on your visit. Include examples and citations to illustrate what you are saying.
Please write each question before each corresponding answer.
B) In a concluding paragraph, answer the following questions (10 pts.):
What was your overall feeling about the program you observed?
What would it feel like to be a child in this program?
What would be the most challenging thing about working in this program?
What would be the most enjoyable thing about working in this program?
Submit to the Canvas, or hold on to it and you can share with me on Zoom, or you can take a picture and send it to me.

Instructions You have been asked by your administrator to create an article for

You have been asked by your administrator to create an article for the early childhood education column of your local newspaper. The article is to be written about a specific age group within your program. You are to explain how the Cycle of Knowledge is implemented in curriculum planning with that age group.
Select an age group from below:
Birth to Two
Three to Five
Six to Eight
In this assignment, you will create an article that:
Explains effective observation techniques to gather information needed for assessment.
Provides at least one example of an effective observation technique for your selected age group.
Illustrates how observation informs curriculum planning.
Provides at least one example of how observation informs curriculum planning for your selected age group.
Discusses the purpose of reflection in observation and assessment.
Provides at least one example of how you currently or plan to implement reflection in your classroom.
Meets the following general requirements:
Title for Article
Typed, double-space (approx. 1 full page)
Follows the conventions of appropriate grammar, spelling, and writing.

Assignment 9: Wrapping It Up Due Jun 15 by 11:59pm Points 100 Submitting a file

Assignment 9: Wrapping It Up
Due Jun 15 by 11:59pm Points 100 Submitting a file upload
In this assignment, you are to create a cover letter that
you will send out to prospective employers. In addition, you are to create a
slide presentation in preparation for your job interview for the position of
Dean of Student Affairs at a small liberal arts college in the Midwest.
Step 1
As you look and apply for job opportunities that you are
interested in, you will need a well-written cover letter. This letter provides
a preview of the type of candidate you could make for a prospective employer.
Write this letter as if you were actually applying for a new position – be
convincing. Please note that this cover letter does not have to be related to the
PowerPoint presentation that you will be creating. These are intended to be
separate assignments.
Keep these tips in mind as you create your cover letter:
Ensure your cover letter is no longer than one page, and
paragraphs are 4 – 6 lines each. Hiring Mangers look at hundreds of cover
letters and usually only have time to skim the first paragraph or so. To ensure
you stand out, be succinct and highlight your skills upfront.
Customize your cover letter for every job opening you apply
for. Make sure that your letter explicitly addresses the potential employer’s
needs and concerns. Also, update information such as contact name and address.
Check your spelling and grammar. If you don’t put the time
and effort into creating a flawless first impression, many Hiring Managers will
move on to the next candidate.
Avoid special effects such as bold and colorful fonts.
Remember this is a professional document. Arial or Times Roman, size 11 or 12
font size is a good idea.
Step 2
Understand the functions and structures associated with the
area of student affairs.
Access education programs to improve your technological
skill set.
Demonstrate an understanding of human resource management in
a student affairs setting.
Schuh, Jones, and Torres, pages 268 – 307, 359-374
Prepare a short presentation (minimum of 15 slides) that
serves as an interview presentation. As part of your interview, you have been
asked to make a presentation to the selection committee and other invited
You must create a minimum of 15 slides addressing the topics
below. Each slide must contain notes that explains the slide and/ or provides
additional information needed to thoroughly address the topic.
Propose a mission and values statement for your division.
Incorporate core values of the field (Chapter 3).
Create a brief code of ethics for your division (Chapter 6).
What primary theory(s) guide your practice?
Create a structure for your area. What services are to be
offered from your division?
Discuss your leadership style (Chapter 24).
Discuss why you are the best candidate for this position.
What professional organizations do you plan to join and what
conferences will you attend?
Presentation Specs
Your cover letter should not be more than one page in
Presentation length: 15 – 20 slides.
Include name and assignment title at beginning (this does
not count as one slide).
Use APA style for format and citing (should be final slide
for slide presentation and does not count in slide count).
Save the assignments to your computer and upload to this
assignment for grading.

Assignment Format Format Requirements Use the following format requirements on a

Assignment Format
Format Requirements
Use the following format requirements on all submissions.
Writing Style APA (American Psychological Association)
Note: To find detailed information on APA manuscript style guidelines on the Internet, go to
Margins 1” all sides
Paragraphs The entire document should be double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″)
Headings Bold
Type Style and Size Times New Roman, 12 point
Software MS Word