Super Bowl commercials are more expensive than ever, and it is your job to creat

Super Bowl commercials are more expensive than ever, and it is your job to create the highest-rated commercial! From the companies and products listed below, create an outline for a commercial that would best appeal to your audience. Consider your target market, your product, public relations, your image, endorsement opportunities, and the medium you are using.
After creating the commercial concept, evaluate and explain the reasoning that informed your commercial. For example, did you use humor to captivate your audience? Or was an appeal to emotion a more appropriate way to attract your targeted market? Was it helpful to include a celebrity or athlete? Or was your product’s effect on the community enough?
A snack company (Doritos, Lays, etc.)
A beer company (Budweiser, Bud Light, Heineken, etc.)
A candy company (Mars, Nestle, etc.)
A car company (Dodge, Hyundai, Ford, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, etc.)
A fast foot company (McDonalds, Wendys, Taco Bell, etc.)
A soft drink company (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sprite, etc.)
A phone company (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc.)
An insurance company (Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, Allstate, etc.)

Task: Conduct your own analysis of sports coverage on television. Select one day

Task: Conduct your own analysis of sports coverage on television. Select one day in which you will watch and analyze ESPN’s SportsCenter or two sports segments on the local news (e.g., KTLA News). As you watch, take detailed notes. Record the length of the program (if you are monitoring local news, record the length of the sports segments) and the amount of time allotted to stories about women’s sports. Record the name/gender of the sports anchor(s). Record the type of coverage (hard news, human interest, etc.) and the use of photographs/visual cues.
Upon doing so, please respond to the following questions in a one-page reflection:
Do you see any examples of symbolic annihilation? Asymmetrical gender marking? Othering? Discussions of gender-appropriate sport?
Based on the coverage you monitored, how would you describe the relationship between women and sports media?

Activity #7: Create a Managerial Job Call In these chapters, you considered the

Activity #7: Create a Managerial Job Call
In these chapters, you considered the ways in which communication is a core skill required of all sport managers, and it presents an exciting array of career options for prospective professionals. The strategic sport communication model depicts both the dynamic sport communication process and the various settings in which sport communication occurs. In addition, you learned about the nature of sport facilities, and importantly, what goes into running events at those facilities. To ensure a successful event, facility directors must perform several important tasks, and they need to understand how these tasks relate to the successful completion of every event. Sport facilities range from stadiums for international mega-events, to local facilities run by parks and recreation departments.
Task: After completing the Unit 7 readings, you are going to create a managerial job call for a local sport and recreation facility. To do so, you will envision yourself as a vice president of the Los Angeles Skate & Bike Park, in Los Angeles, California. You have been tasked to create a job call for a new manager of your facility. According to its website, the park “features a Halfpipe combo, Bank Hip corner, Start box, Streetspine, Launch box, Escalator Quarterpipe and Half Pyramid.”
Create a time frame for hiring (including job, call, phone interviews, in-person interviews, and making and offer). Provide dates for each.
Write a two-paragraph job call for the position. Points you should address include the following:
What skills are needed to fulfill the role?
What are the responsibilities of the position?
What qualifications are needed for the position?
What is the salary range? How is it decided?
Then, in a one-page reflection (double-spaced, 12 pt., Times New Roman font), please respond to the following questions: What type of decisions regarding leadership did you make when considering the role? In what ways does the role of manager for a recreational facility such as a skate park in L.A. interact with other areas of sport management (think back to previous units)?
Activity #8: Creating your resume
In the chapter for this unit, you considered the myriad ways that the law intersects with sport. You considered how to identify legal issues that affect sport management operations and introduces many basic legal concepts that affect sport managers. In addition, you thought about how to identify and explain many ways legal issues influence the sport industry and emphasizes how important it is for sport managers to make effective decisions when confronting legal issues. To recognize and respond to legal issues successfully, effective sport managers must engage in critical thinking and prudent problem solving.
Note: This assignment will be a bit different for this unit. You still are required to know the material from the chapter (use the guided study); however, your assignment will consist of something tangential to the chapter material.
Assignment: You will create a drafted resume. If you already have a resume, spend some time updating it this week. I will provide feedback on all resumes. I enocurage you to use the CSUN Career Center website, which is part of the Division of Student Affairs, to learn more about resumes: Specifically, here is a link to a good guide to start thinking about your resume:

SHOOTING ASSIGNMENT 25 Points Please view the video under Course Content labeled

25 Points
Please view the video under
Course Content labeled “BEEF Shooting”.
This video demonstrates the most popular shooting teaching technique
using the acronym BEEF.
Your assignment is to create an ORIGINAL
acronym for an existing, or a new shooting technique. Be very
thorough when describing what each letter stands for within the acronym. Use Microsoft Word to create the assignment
and submit it to me. I will not accept
any documents that are not created using WORD.
You may do research to find a
different shooting technique or you may use the principles demonstrated in the
BEEF method.
*** NOTE…do NOT use FOREST, it is a well know shooting
method. ***