16 Persuasive Essay Topics that will turn you into an Essay Rock star

At Schoolchore.com, we pride ourselves in having really good writers, so good that we are going to tell you right away that one of them compiled this list of the best persuasive essay topics he has written for our customers who wrote back to say that they scored an A! At fancyessay.com, we appreciate and love feedback, let us know how it goes with your essay and do not hesitate to send as an email if you encounter any challenge coming up with your persuasive essay topics. Without any further ado:

  1. Schools: Single sex schools are not good for education.
  2. Anorexia: Force feeding patients diagnosed with anorexia nervosa is a good idea
  3. Violent games: Children do not become violent from watching or playing violent games
  4. Bullying: There should be harsher punishments for bullies
  5. Bullying:  For students showing signs of slow self-development, bullying can act as a helpful catalyst
  6. Sports: Sports in the school program should be made mandatory
  7. Globalization: The world would be a better place without inter-governmental unions
  8. HR: While interviewing job applicants, HR managers should use lie detectors
  9. Bankruptcy: Poor leadership leads to bankruptcy
  10.  Smoking: Compared to non-smokers, smokers are more open
  11. Pregnancy: The possibility of male pregnancy should be explored and funded
  12. Surgery: Plastic surgery for actors and actresses should be prohibited
  13. Gender roles: To avoiding hurting the feelings of feminist women, men should not hold doors open for women
  14. Wild animals: People should be allowed to keep tigers, chimpanzees and other exotic animals
  15. Prostitution: Like any other business in the service industry, prostitution should be legalized and government regulated
  16. Parenthood: In the best interest of children, anyone that wishes to become a parent must get a license

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