In the style of evaluative writing, a writer uses a set of criteria against which they judge something or a subject. Depending on the instructions evaluative writing can be in the form of an evaluative paper that could be either an evaluation report or an evaluation essay in which the writer justifies their side of an argument by using evidence about the subject to support their opinions. Evaluative writing is largely associated with reports, critical thinking, critical analysis, research, self-evaluation essays, and reviews; such literature reviews and book reviews, you can find numerous examples of this on our website The main question that evaluative writing leads a student writer to answer is “How do you feel about this subject?” This is an important aspect of evaluative writing as it seeks to help you move away from ambivalence on a certain subject, by providing you with an opportunity to hear and learn about other people’s objective and subjective ideas or opinions on the subject. Through the analysis of their arguments, you are then moved to pick a side of the argument and justify your newly acquired disposition based on the evidence presented on the subject.

To achieve remarkable results with your evaluative writing, it is important that you learn the process of evaluation or how best to evaluate. For instance if you intend to evaluate a piece of writing like an article, then it is imperative that you read the article thoroughly while developing or enhancing your set of criteria against which to evaluate the article. For instance, one could evaluate an article based on whether or not it had any emotional appeal, whether it appealed to the audience it targeted, the writing style it used, how well it utilized sources of information among other basic but important rules of writing such as sentence structure, grammar, and spelling.

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