Throughout the course, you have examined several types of emergency medical services (EMS) systems and agencies as well as considered what changes may occur in the future within EMS. Revenue options and resources have been evaluated. You have reviewed regulatory requirements as well as accreditation options. This assignment requires that you prepare a business model using key components listed in your lesson for an EMS system and type of your choice.
You will prepare a report that summarizes your response to questions about key components of your proposed business model. Please refer to the Unit VII Lesson to review those questions. Begin your report with an introduction paragraph that gives a general overview of the business model. Your report should address the following categories (at least one paragraph each), and conclude with a summary paragraph:
resources, and
relationships (internal and external).
Your report should be at least two pages in length but no more than three pages. You should use at least two additional references. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.
Time to finish strong! For this unit, we will be examining several key areas related to emergency medical services (EMS) operations. To better understand the significance of this concept, we will complete:
Reading: For this unit, we have four chapters. The first is Chapter Nine: Ambulance Specification and Procurement (pp. 183-212). The second is Chapter Twelve: Ambulance Service Dispatch and Radio Communications (pp. 266-286). The third is Chapter Thirteen: Technology in Support of Ambulance Operations (pp. 287-299). The last is Chapter Fourteen: The Finance and Accounting Functions. Supplemental reading suggestions have been provided in the Unit Study Guide that will bolster your understanding of these concepts.
Discussion Board: For Unit Seven, you are asked to speculate on what you think the EMS business model of the future will look like. What does 20 years from now look like, is there a change in the model or delivery system? Make sure to focus on the items outlined in this assignment.
Assignment: You are writing a report that summarize key concepts and components of a proposed business model. Refer to the assignment and syllabus for details. However, please remember that this should not be a financial audit report. Provide me with figures on the costs and expenses but I do not need a line item budget in full detail.
Making Connections: In Unit Six, we considered the benefits and activities necessary to become nationally accredited. For this unit, we are going to branch out a bit and consider how a mobile integrated health program might function from a business model perspective.
As you progress through Unit Seven, consider your thoughts on community paramedicine. There are several providers who are opposed to this new service line for EMS. If you have questions, please be sure to email those to me or post them in the “Ask the Professor” discussion so that everyone can learn from my responses.

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