Discussion Scenario & Questions: POM Juice invested heavily into research to show the health benefits of drinking pomegranate juice. Unfortunately, the research did not show any noticeable health benefits. POM Juice advertises the money it spent on the research, but not the results. Instead, POM says that it is “hopeful in the promising results of future research.”
After reviewing the learning materials in this module, prepare an initial post that incorporates these materials to answer the following questions. Also, your grade in this learning activity relies on your engagement in the discussion through your peer replies (two or more).
Topic Questions:
What agency enforces consumer laws?
Did POM violate any consumer laws? If so, what laws?
Apply the cause of action you identified when answering the previous question to the hypothetical.
Is POM likely to defend itself successfully? Why or why not?
What legal alternatives did POM have?

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