This assignment is designed to generate engagement with local organizations, learn more about how social movements operate, and develop a sociological analysis of original data. Through this assignment, you will apply sociological perspectives to everyday life and make connections between work being done in your local community and social movement concepts from this course.
This assignment asks you to identify a grassroots organization (i.e. a group that uses collective action at the local level) that is working to address an issue you care about. You will review the digital content available for that organization online (website, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and select photographs (or screenshots) that represent their organization. You will then analyze the information you gathered and connect it to course concepts about social movements.
• A description of your chosen organization is due Week 4 (9/13-9/19)
• The completed project is due Week 14 (11/22 – 11/28)
• All course material must be submitted by Friday, December 10th at the latest.
1. Choose an organization to analyze.
a. Choose a social issue that you’re passionate about.
b. Research organizations that address that issue.
c. See FAQ for more tips on choosing an organization.
2. Review the digital content provided by the organization online.
a. Carefully read through their website and identify their mission/goals, activities, strategies, organizational structure, and any other information relevant to their operations.
b. Take note of the sources of information for your organization (website, social media pages, hashtags, etc.).
3. Submit a description of your organization (due in Week 4).
a. Briefly describe the organization, its goals, and why you chose it.
b. Upload to Blackboard.
4. Choose 2-3 photographs or screenshots from the organization’s online content.
a. For each photograph/screenshot, take note of the source.
b. See FAQ for information on how to capture screenshots.
5. Analyze each photograph/screenshot in the context of social movements.
a. Write a short description for each photograph.
b. Discuss how the organization’s activities relate to social movements.
c. Include, underline, and explain/define at least three key terms from class.
Submitted materials should be double-spaced, 11 pt font, and 1-in margins on all sides. Materials should be upload to Blackboard.
The description of your local organization should be 4-7 sentences and include:
• The name of the organization
• Sources of information about the organization
• An overview of their mission, goals, and/or activities
• An explanation of why you chose this organization
The final submitted project must include:
• A cover page with your title and name
• A brief description of the organization (its name, mission/goals, activities, and why you chose it)
• 2-3 photographs
• Descriptions of each photograph and what it represents in relation to the organization’s goals and activities.
• Analysis of the organization’s relationship to social movements, using at least 3 key terms from class (underlined).

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