Assignment Content
Read :
Create an hypothesis about COVID 19 and it’s influence by management principles. Also, integrate the GLOBE project in it’s effect related to leadership (Federal, State or Local). This is a written assignment (Minimum of 2 pages; not including title page and reference page).
Hypothesis Requirements:
APA Format
Title Page
Reference Page
Guidelines that will help you write a hypothesis:
Step 1: Come up with the central question for your hypothesis.
Step 2: Based on your research that you have already done, decide the point you are trying to prove.
Step 3: Before you start to write, analyze if your point is verifiable and based with the research you have whether you can prove it. Using the research that you have already done, conclude if your hypothesis is true in order for the statement to be successful.
Step 4: Finally formalize your hypothesis by writing a clear and concrete statement that explains the results of your hypothesis.

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