In your groups you will identify a country in which you would like to develop/deliver a particular product/service. Choose a product or service that is produced/offered by an existing company. This is necessary and will provide an opportunity to perform an internal analysis of an existing organization. The organization must not currently be engaged in commercial activities within the target country. The destination country may not be Canada, China, or the United States. There are no restrictions on home country. The groups will identify the product or service they plan to market in this foreign country and will complete a market entry plan.
The project should be formatted in APA style. Please include a Title Page with all group members names listed. Please submit in Microsoft Word Format.
China’s Haidilao hot pot has entered the Netherlands for development.
The company we chose:Haidilao hot pot,
home country is China,
host country is the Netherlands.
Haidilao was founded in 1994. It is a chain brand mainly engaged in Sichuan style hot pot. And provide warm, careful and patient service.
Grading Rubric:
1. Introduction to the business report (5 point)
2. Introduction to the company and the product/service being developed/delivered and the country in which this product/service is being developed/delivered. (10 points)
3. Why was the country chosen to develop and/or deliver the product or service (10 points)
4. What is the specific mode of entry into this foreign country and why this mode was chosen (10 points)
5. Explanation of the political, economic, legal, environmental and cultural situation in the foreign country (15 points)
6. Identify how any differences from the home country (i.e. liability of foreignness) will be managed and the challenges will be overcome (25 points)
a) Include a discussion on Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions and the GLOBE cultural cluster that the country resides within.
7. Conduct a SWOT analysis for this venture into the foreign country. (15 points)
a) Also complete a competitor analysis (may be helpful to use Porter’s 5 forces)
8. Conclusion (10 points)
9. The document must include a Title Page with all group members names listed. – points will be deducted if this is missing.
10. The document must include a table of contents and the pages should be numbered. – points will be deducted if this is missing.
11. The document must include a reference section in APA format. – points will be deducted if this is missing.
12. Please submit in Microsoft Word Format.
As it was a group assignment, I was responsible for the number Please note the distinction between 1 and 2. I am responsible for the introduction of 1.
Additional Information that will help in developing the Final Group Assignment:
Cultural Cluster Outline:
– History
– Geographical Setting (e.g., location, climate, topography)
– Social Institutions (e.g., nuclear/extended family, female/male roles)
– Education (e.g., role of education (primary, secondary, higher education), literacy levels)
– Political & Legal System
– Social Organization (e.g., group behaviour; social classes; clubs or other organizations; and race, ethnicity, and subcultures)
– Religion and Other Belief Systems (e.g., doctrines/structures, relationship with the people, which are prominent, membership in each religion, and powerful or influential cults?)
– Aesthetics (e.g., visual arts, performing arts, folklore and relevant symbols)
– Living Conditions (e.g., diet & nutrition, housing, clothing (especially in business/professional/NGO settings), recreation/sports/other leisure activities)
– Language (e.g., official, spoken vs. written, dialects)
– Describe the labour force (demographics, education/skill levels, etc.)
– Describe the working conditions/processes (e.g., employer-employee relationships, employee participation)
Cultural Dimensions Outline:
Describe each of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions for the target country:
– Power distance – Masculinity and femininity
– Uncertainty avoidance – Long- versus short-term orientation
– Individualism and collectivism – Indulgence versus Restraint
NOTE: All course requirements must be completed in order to pass the course.
The attachment is the book I use in class.

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