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Directions: Answer the questions in the outline with as much honesty as is comfortable for you. Use the topic headings to organize your essay, but write your essay using an introduction, headings/subheadings and a conclusion. Do not forget to include your sources used and to cite in text when appropriate. If you prefer to organize this assignment in the format of a presentation (Prezi.com, PowerPoint slides with audio, for example) there is flexibility in this assignment to do so. Many of the questions require only short answers, but feel free to expand beyond the specific questions. This is a professional paper, but in this case it is expected that the writers might use first person in their content. There is no specific page minimum, however please do not exceed 10 pages in your essay. This assignment is to be uploaded to the associated assignment box on the course’s eCampus site.
Essay Content: Please include the following
Define: Exploring scholarly definition of culture and personal definition
Use our course readings, readings from other courses, and/or outside sources to provide a formal descriiption of culture. How does this definition resonate with you? Briefly compare or contrast it with how you personally would define culture. If culture is not a concept you previously explored on a personal level, discuss this in your comparison. If you had the opportunity to speak with the scholars who created the definitions and descriiptions, what questions might you have or adaptations would you suggest?
Identify: Personalized descriiption of your cultural identity
Review this video: GCPE BCGov. (20 April, 2016). Cultural Iceberg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woP0v-2nJCU&t=110s (1:50 minutes).
Beyond explicit and implicit culture, one may identify culture on three levels – concrete, behavioral and symbolic. Use these three levels, Nitza Hidalgo’s three levels of culture, to describe your cultural identity. You are not limited to use of written language only for this portion. If it helps you describe the levels, use of pictures, links to songs or videos, etc., may be incorporated into your assignment.
Concrete: Visible and tangible aspects of culture
• Examples: food, dance, clothing, hair style, artifacts, symbols, what you might see at a festival celebrating your culture
Behavioral: How we define our social roles and reflects our values
• Examples: language, non-verbal communication, personal space distance, family structure, health and wellness practices, name choices, gender identity, political affiliation
Symbolic: May be abstract – our values and beliefs
• Examples: Religious beliefs, ideology, spirituality, customs, values, worldview, health and illness beliefs
Respond: Reflect upon your responses and examine their impact
In this portion your lens will turn both inward and outward.
Inward: Think about your personal definition of culture and your three levels of culture responses. Did you describe your ideal culture or real culture? Do you experience any conflicts amongst the aspects you listed in your levels? Which of the three levels is most important to how you define yourself? Why? Is this response consistent with how you want others to view you?
Outward: When you meet others, which of the items in the levels do you use to understand them culturally? Is how you understand others compatible with your above response with how you define yourself or want others to perceive your culture? Explain. Would you say these aspects are similar to the tip of the iceberg in the cultural iceberg theory in our video? What forces (micro, mezzo, or macro level) contribute to how we view or simplify others’ cultures? What can you do in your practice when you interact with colleagues and when you engage and assess persons in client status to avoid oversimplifying others’ cultures?
Conclusion: What key takeaways can you draw from this assignment? What was your personal response to completing this personal cultural essay (did you feel stretched, was it comfortable or uncomfortable, was it validating – as examples of questions to ask yourself)? What advice would you give to other social work students exploring their culture(s) and its impact on their social work practice?

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