List and describe the three sources of authority.
Review how each source of authority differs from the other.
Give your opinion as to which source or authority would be most beneficial in hospital management. (You will need to choose one source of authority.)
Use the textbook and 2 additional scholarly, peer reviewed sources to substantiate the response.
Assignment length of no less than 400 words (this does not include the title page and reference section)
Be sure to use APA format for the title page, page numbering, body of the paper, citations and reference section
All knowledge gained from external sources must be cited. This included information that is summarized, quoted and paraphrased. Papers that are not cited throughout for knowledge gained from external sources will not be accepted.
The Turnitin percentage should be 25% or less.
This Textbook must be used as one of the sources: Henslin, J. M. (2019). Essentials of sociology: A down-to-earth approach (13th ed.). Pearson.

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