Present a brief descriiption of what message this trailer (FoodMAtters: is trying to get across and discuss how this diet might influence the interactions of the integumentary, skeletal, and muscular systems that create our basic morphology (shape). **all 3 systems must be mentioned in post**
Secondly, below there are 2 separate reviews of trailers below video is with the review for your reference. You are to respond to each of them separately. I will separate each review using quotations. you are to provide your opinion concerning the message of the trailer and provide at least one source (e.g., another video, website, or article) that supports or refutes the message(s) of the trailer.
Review 1:
“I chose “The Perfect Human Diet” video. I believe the message that this video is trying to portray is that obesity has a lot to do with the misconceptions we get from the media. There are hundreds of scattered opinions on if we should be eating meat, if we should all become vegetarians, or if being vegan is the best lifestyle. I believe there is no wrong answer so long as our bodies are receiving the nutrients that are vital to our health and longevity of life. Obesity can affect the integumentary, muscular, and skeletal system in various ways. Obesity compromises the workings of the sebaceous glands, the structure and function of collagen, elongates the time of wound healing, and the function of sweat glands within the integumentary system(Mandal, D. A., 2019). Obesity can also reduce bone density and muscle mass relative to body weight, and this correlates with the heightened risk of bone fractures(Tarkan, L., 2019). It is also relative to note that Type 2 diabetes coupled with obesity doubles the risk of reduced bone density and fracture risks.
YouTube. (2015, June 22). Bio-210 the perfect human diet™ 2013 trailer (CC). YouTube. Retrieved November 10, 2021, from”
Review 2:
“The trailer I have chosen to discuss is that of Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. I believe that this trailer is trying to convey the message that juice cleanses and detoxes are effective, safe ways to lose weight. This diet is unsafe, ineffective, and is nothing more than another “fad diet.” Because these juices lack large amounts of calories, the individual will be left feeling extremely fatigued, dizzy, and suffering from headaches.
This diet will also have a negative effect on both our muscular and skeletal systems. Because the juices that the individual will be consuming are void of protein, there will be no fuel for any muscle growth. Because of this, the individual may even experience muscle loss. In addition to this, the skeletal system will also suffer. Because the juices do not contain calcium, the individual’s bones will weaken. This may even lead to fractures and breaks. Lastly, the integumentary system will be negatively impacted due to lack of fatty acids that normally consumed with food. Due to this, the individual may experience dryer and or prematurely aged skin. Because of the extreme lack of nutrients in total, the individual will also experience hair and nails not growing as quickly as they normally would.
There won’t quite be a large change in how these systems interact with one another. While the individual partaking in this fad diet may see some short term weight loss, it really is only due to the fact that they reduced their caloric intake from the thousands to possibly mere hundreds. Once the individual returns to their normal diet, their weight they had previously lost will just return immediately, leaving them back at square one.
video: ”
**you should have at least 1 paragraph for each video, please read instructions completely to get understanding**
thank you

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