Write 1-2 paragraphs, which present the material points of the paper (attached) and your critical evaluation of them. Do not include specific details of results in this synthesis.
Answering the following questions:
· Why was the work done?
o What question(s) still needed to be answered, what gap(s) in knowledge existed?
· Who is interested in the work and why?
· How will this work add to the body of knowledge?
o Will the results likely fill a gap and advance understanding?
· What are the overall results?
· Was the work done, and were the results analyzed, appropriately?
o Did they actually design and conduct a study that effectively answered the question they asked?
o Did they provide enough information about their methods, or appropriate citations that you can go to if need be?
· Are the data presented clearly and appropriately?
· Do the data support the conclusions?
· Have they answered the questions? Did they fill a gap in knowledge?
· What are the implications of the work?
· What questions are left to be answered?
The article is attached.

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