You may write on any leadership theory topic you choose. It can be one that is discussed in the main textbook by Yukl, the suggested textbook by Northouse, and applied theory from your organization, or any other leadership theory you want to research. Your paper must be 4-5 pages, not including the ancillary pages: title page, table of contents, abstract (not required), tables, graphics, and reference pages. The papers must meet the following conditions: (1) identify the theory and individuals associated with developing the selected theory; (2) provide a clear description and/or conceptual illustration of the theory; (3) select at least two currents (less than 5 years old) peer-reviewed journal articles based on the selected theory and provide a summary of the articles; and (4) provide at least one idea for describing a condition or situation where behaviors associated with the selected theory may be considered for effective leadership practice.

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