PLEASE DO NOT BID ON THIS ASSIGNMENT IF YOU HAVE NO FAMILIARITY WITH APPLIED BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS. THIS PAPER IS FOR A PHD PROGRAM. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PROVIDE THE CORRECT HEADINGS FOR EACH CRITIQUED SECTION. Read the article and write a report that is no more than 3 pages. Provide the following information (this serves as your rubric). Provide the citation for the article in the proper APA 7th edition format (2 pts.) Provide a brief summary of the literature review highlighting the importance of the study and its potential contribution to the literature (3 pts.) List the purpose of the study and the research questions (3 pts.) List the independent and dependent variables (3 pts.) Describe the data collection system (2 pts.) Describe the research design (2 pts.) Describe the procedures for determining reliability and treatment fidelity (2 pts.) Discuss the major findings of the article (3 pts.) Provide a summary of the implications the article might have in practice (3 pts.) List potential limitations of the study and methods to prevent these in future studies (2 pts.)

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