Choose one general (A or B) AND one text-specific prompt (C, D, or E) and answer both for this week’s discussion forum post. Indicate which prompts you have chosen by putting the letter before your paragraph that answers it begins. See the Class Discussion Guidelines for expectations for this post and how it will be graded.
A. What contemporary cause or causes do you find similar to the cause of abolition now that we’ve learned more about it and why?
B. Transcendentalism as a philosophy can be boiled down to simply the idea that society and institutions have a corrosive nature on the individual and individuality must be preserved through self-reliance. Self-knowledge above all. How do you feel about this as a philosophical movement? Is it something you believe in from this simple definition and/or from learning more about it this week? Why or why not?
C. What can the darkness of night found from the title to last stanza in Longfellow’s “The Slave Singing at Night” be meant to represent?
D. Compare & contrast Thoreau’s speech to Emerson’s based on the idea that Thoreau was a man of action and Emerson a man of theory. How do these speeches illustrate that, especially considering their Transcendentalist philosophies?
E. Thoreau’s “Resistance to Civil Government” inspired many peacemakers throughout the world long after Thoreau’s death—find a passage in the text that could be applicable today and explain its relevance.

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