In this assignment, you will select three qualitative research design types to compare and contrast key characteristics. Identify the primary features characterizing each qualitative design type (Phenomenology, Ethnography, Grounded Theory, Historical Research, Case Study) Describe how the purpose, methods, data collection/analysis, and outcomes are the same or different for each type. Discuss how these features were apparent within the articles you selected for each of the three types.
Assignment Purpose
This assignment provides an opportunity for you to compare and contrast three of the five most common types of qualitative research studies, their purposes, methodologies, and relevancy to nursing practice and further research.
Assignment Instructions
Select three of the five most common types of qualitative research design types for the assignment. If you are unsure if the article is a qualitative article email your instructor the abstract or full article to verify it is a qualitative article
Find one article that represents each of the three categories selected (total of three articles).
Prepare your written assignment in a word processor and save the file as an MS Word file.
Although not a requirement, you can create a table or bulleted list to present responses to Step 3.
You may refer to the grading rubric, textbook, presentation slides, and your three articles in preparing this assignment.
For each of the three qualitative research articles selected:
Provide the journal articles as references in APA Style
Identify the design represented by each selected study
Describe the general purpose/goal for each design
Identify methodologies for each article according to design type (setting, participant selection/criteria, data collection techniques, and data analysis strategies)
Discuss the relevancy of results for each article to nursing practice and/or further research.

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