Option 1: How Christie writes about the settings
In BA02, you examine how Christie writes about settings in her novel. In order to complete that assignment, you use Žaneta Stýblová’s essay “The Role of Setting in the Golden Age Detective Novel.”
In Option 1, you will concentrate further on settings in the novel. Specifically, you will argue whether or not Christie writes her settings according to what Dewan claims are the characteristics of Golden Age Detective Fiction.
Because we are concentrating more on using evidence and organizing essays at this point in the semester, you will NOT write your own thesis statement. Instead, you MUST choose one of the following thesis statements:
I will send a screenshot of all the thesis statements that you can choose from
You will provide evidence to back up whichever one of these thesis statements you choose. In order to do so, you are REQUIRED to use both Dewan AND Stýblová’s essays in your evidence. You will also use Christie’s novel, of course!
When looking for evidence in Christie’s novel, look for passages that answer the following questions:
How credible do you think Christie is about setting—meaning, do you believe what she writes about it? Why?
What kind of strategies does she use to establish her settings? Is this repeated often? Is it logical? Does she offer a lot of evidence on it?
What kind of emotions does Christie make you feel about these settings? Again, why?
I will send pictures of the documents you can look over to help with the essay

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