I was given a “learning outcome.” I had to identify questions that I wanted to research and answer. There is a specific format for this assignment. It is primarily a literature review (that answers the
questions, includes key learning concepts, expected results and a plan for school leaders to
implement “best practices,” according to the research. I have included the outline:
Learning Outcome:
Identify and research state law, state department regulation and local board policy that have had an impact on school finance, curriculum, instruction, assessment and personnel
Focus Questions:
How does the state policies impact a school’s budget and finances?
Is there a limit to the amount of money a school in Georgia receives?
Is there a set amount of money that schools can allocate toward instructional resources, staffing or curriculum materials?
How does Georgia determine the amount of funding a school receives?
How does the local school board, (Atlanta Public Schools) impact the school’s budget?
Are schools allowed to purchase their own curriculum materials/ programming?
How does school budgeting, facilities management, personnel allocations & human resource management impact student achievement?
Research (literature review)
Key Learning Concepts/Findings
Expected Results/ Impact based on Key Concepts
Plan to achieve expected results

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