Service Marketing Project:
You have been hired as a consultant to develop a marketing plan. Your job is to create a marketing plan for a newly established business that will be opening in Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa. You need to apply concepts from the course to help develop this marketing plan and other apply concepts from previous marketing techniques you have learned and experience. This project will require you to do extensive research on your market and demographics before coming up with your marketing plan. Remember you are not marketing in western society so you have to take this into consideration. You will need to do a very detailed external analysis and market research. You will be developing a marketing plan for community of 3000 residence in a gated community of Fumba Town and with a local population of 1.5 million living on the island. The local languages are Swahili, Arabic and English. Your business will be located in commercial centre in a town called Fumba Town which is located on the island. You will need to develop a marketing plan for a new “American Style Restaurant” and laundry service. Within the commercial mall there will be no other restaurants offering this style of food and it will be the only laundry service provided in the community. There are only 4 restaurants within the centre. You will be providing fast food to clients within a food court environment.
Helpful links for research:
Within your marketing plan you need to provide the following: overview of your market which will include only PESTEL analysis, alternatives, recommendation/implementation plan (short medium, long term plans) , control and feedback and contingency plan. You should apply concepts from the course and have a detailed plan on how you will market to the locals and have ads examples and detail reasoning and justification of your plan. This report should be 10-12 pages, 1.5 space, 12 font and times new roman font. Make sure you apply service marketing concepts from the course.
Overview of your market which will include PESTEL analysis-20 marks
alternatives with pros/cons 10 marks
recommendation/implementation plan-60 marks
control and feedback and contingency plan-10 marks
Total 100 marks
– All course concepts PPTs (attached)
– Format for Case study presentation (attached)

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