You will select two competing international companies (e.g., Coffee Bean and Starbucks; Target and Walmart (dont use these, pick other ones) and collect data from/about each organization’s branding strategies. Data may include interviews, logos, history, advertisements, general climate scans, Internet materials, SM platforms, etc. (Interviews and photos require permission (ask for form). Once data has been collected, compare and contrast the two organizations. Analyze how each organization develops and supports its brand or narrative culture through various messages and how it strategically positions and differentiates itself from the competition. This project does NOT ask you to report your findings in a paper; instead, you will create a Powerpoint/Prezi/Adobe Spark storyboard that compares and contrasts the two organizations and tells their story visually and in text. Ive seen a number of newer and creative spaces to create this assignment such as Canva,, padlet and many others. You have complete creative liberty with this assignment…just make sure I see application of new concepts and ideas within. or

How to Use Brand Storytelling to Break Through: The Ultimate Guide

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